About Us

PT Sinar Pangan Sejahtera was build on 2005 as Corn Vermicelli Manufacturer some of our brands include “PADAMU” and “BIJAG”, located in Pasuruan, East Java-Indonesia. PT. Sinar Pangan is here to answer customers needs of top quality food products, especially corn vermicelli category which the market and the needs continue to grow very rapidly.

Until now PT. Sinar Pangan Sejahtera always producing more and more exceptional products such as “SOHUN KACA” and dry noodle “MIMORA”.

We have very wide area of distribution, PT. Sinar Pangan Sejahtera has now covered all region in Indonesia, with the support of our distributors and their formidable team.



Sinar Pangan Sejahtera always give the best as nationwide company, which produces best quality products and prioritize customers satisfaction.



To be Innovative and creative to produce more best quality products. Play an active role in manufacturing products that prioritize health and nutrition for our Nation, Indonesia.